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The Carmel Valley Association mails more than 7,000 4-color newsletters each quarter to all residences in Carmel Valley from Highway 1 to just past the Village. In addition, copies are distributed to selected high traffic areas and locations in CV Village, the Barnyard, Crossroads and Mid-Valley shopping centers, plus CV Manor, Hacienda Carmel and Del Mesa Carmel. 

Your support through advertising will provide your organization broad exposure to Carmel Valley residents, amplify your community voice, help foster our common mission to preserve, protect and defend the natural beauty, resources, and rural character of Carmel Valley, and promote a robust business environment

In light of the impressive photographs we often see posted on social media by local photographers, the Carmel Valley Voice editorial board is offering to publish some of your photos with credit in our newsletter.  The Carmel Valley Association’s quarterly full-color newsletter is mailed free to about 7,000 Valley residents. 

If you have photos of Carmel Valley scenery, wildlife, people, or events that you would like to have considered for publication, please send them attention: Newsletter Manager Luana Conley at


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